Hi, I'm Jair McBain! I'm a Game Designer currently based in London, UK. 

I've most recently been working as a Producer and Lead Designer at Wymac Gaming Solutions in Melbourne, Australia on an upcoming PC title due for release early 2018,
as well as a number of promotional products in the touch and virtual reality space. I am also the Co-Director of 2Ginge, a two person video game and tools development effort.
We're currently busy supporting and working on a number of tools and games for iOS, Android and PC.

Feel free to get in touch using the contact form below!




Title                                                  Platform                            Publisher/ Developer                        Date

Fortunes of the Brave PC/ Custom hardware Wymac Gaming Solutions/ Crown 2015 - 17
Bloomtopia PC/ Touch Wymac Gaming Solutions/ Crown 2017
Pop Shots PC/ Touch Wymac Gaming Solutions 2016 - 17
Pop Shots Promo Custom touch hardware Wymac Gaming Solutions 2016 -17
Pop Shots VR HTC VIVE Wymac Gaming Solutions August 2016
Untitled project - Cancelled iOS/ Android GREE Melbourne 2014
Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights iOS/ Android/ Amazon Nexon / Twiitch 2014 -15
Sports Jeopardy iOS/ Android Sony / Twiitch 2014
Where's my Water iOS/ Android Disney / Twiitch 2014


Dice Pro iOS/ Android 2Ginge WIP
Low Poly Randomizer Unity Asset Store        2Ginge                                     August 2017
TexEmit Unity Asset Store 2Ginge May 2017
Magic Potions w/ Liquid Sim Unity Asset Store 2Ginge April 2017
Soften, Soothe, Allow PC Adrian Tosello April 2017
Auto Turret Pro Unity Asset Store 2Ginge Feb 2017





Stay tuned......


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